There has been a continuous British presence on Signy Island, South Orkney Islands since 1947.  Signy (Base H) was a wintering research station on the island for almost 50 years.  Since 1995 when the station was rebuilt it has continued operating as a summer-only station, supporting both British and international polar scientists.  

  • Those “Fids” fortunate enough to have spent time living and working on this Maritime Antarctic island have, over the years, come together intermittently at Base Reunions.  The next Reunion will be held in Birmingham in March 2022 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Signy research station.  Details of the upcoming event are available through the Reunion page.

  • A list of contact details for Signy Fids was assembled from various sources to help in organising the 2018 Reunion in Cambridge.    If you have wintered or have spent summers on Signy please complete the registration form on the Registration page so that your details can be added to our list.  We have set up a secure Archives page to make this information available to help Signy Fids looking for old colleagues and to support future Reunions.     If you register your details you get a password to access the Archive.
  • Those who have experienced time working on Signy Island will have stories and anecdotes, as well as numerous “grips” of their time South.  Some of these stories have been published in Reunion magazines whilst others have appeared in the BAS Club newsletter.  These represent only a fraction of the stories and anecdotes of life on Signy that are undoubtedly still out there, so we invite you to submit your literary gems and/or imagery for publication here.  More details on the Stories page.


Images – painting of Orwell Glacier and Shallow Bay (unknown), cartoon of South Orkney Islands (Robin Sherman), painting of view north from Base (Dick Laws)