Signy Fids are distributed world-wide and over time many of those who have worked on Signy have lost contact with their old colleagues.  This is a problem for those organising Reunions so it is hoped that this website can help by providing a resource of contact details that can be regularly updated. 

The BAS Club maintains a very useful database of all Club members contact details that is updated annually and can be accessed as a BASC member.  The database on the Signy Fids website benefits in further including contact details of some Signy Fids who are not current BAS Club members.  

The Signy contacts listing is located on a secure page accessed via the Archive tab where we also have a winterers list, a selection of base phots and information on past reunions.  

If you complete the registration form below we will email you a password to give you access to this listing.

If you have contact with Signy Fids who are not on our database, we would appreciate if you could make them aware of the website and encourage them to fill out a Registration Form so that we can add their details to our listing.

It is possible we already have your contact details but if you nevertheless complete the form below you get access to the contacts list and help us confirm we are using your latest email address.  


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